Lucky Patcher V8.6.5 Apk for Android App Latest Download

Download Lucky Patcher V8.6.5 Apk + Mod for Android App Latest

Lucky Patcher Apk user uses 100 apps and games on his smartphone but has no control over the apps he installs. Yes, this is true because users cannot control ads and app permissions. Also in-app purchases, the app bothers many users who are now common in most apps. Therefore, there is an application called lucky patcher, which is nothing more than a gift for Android users. LP can provide you with complete control over the applications and games you install. This is an amazing tool for using Android, where users can do a lot of crazy experiments with the apps they install. Have you ever thought about getting premium items in your app for free? If so, this app can help you do it for free. In this article, you can download the latest version of Lucky Patcher apk and learn how to use it!

Lucky Patcher V8.6.5 Apk

Lucky Patcher 8.6.5 Apk Latest Download:

We install many apps and games, but most of them may contain annoying ads, have the wrong permissions, or fail the license check. If you know these kinds of problems and problems, the Lucky Patcher Android App can work as a tool for you. You can now easily resolve this error using it quickly, as it can perform these tasks in seconds. This app can also make free in-app purchases in most Android apps and games, which is the most impressive feature. You’ll be able to completely control your app because you’ll have access to delete Google ads, pass license verification, change permissions, patches, and more as you can. You can download the Lucky Patcher app from the download link below:

Lucky Patcher 8.6.5 Android App + Mod Free:

There are many applications and games available for the Android platform. Most of them are attractive and useful where users are addicted to manipulating them to spend money on premium items. If you do, you are on the wrong track, because you can give Lucky Patcher Android Apk a chance before wasting money in the virtual world. In addition, players spend a lot of time to open new levels, completing challenges. But with the help of the LP app, you can easily unlock all features, such as gems, coins and levels in just a few clicks, to save your valuable time. After you download and install them on your smartphone, you will be able to run various experiments on your installed applications and gain full control over them. To experience all its features, you need to download and install the latest apk of lucky patcher for Android!

Lucky Patcher V8.6.5 Apk Features:

If you are concerned with what the Lucky Patcher app really is, keep reading this article and you will know everything about it. This is really a tool app for Android, with which you can make crazy experiences with your apps and games. Users generally have no control over the apps they install on their devices but using this awesome app, you can easily get full control. Lucky Patcher Apk Download also allows users to make various modifications to their applications, such as changing or removing permissions, deleting or restricting ads, modifying patches and more. The main reason behind the popularity of LP applications is the features it provides and no other application can perform this task!

Lucky Patcher Mod is a mandatory tool app for Android that can manage all the apps and games you install in one place. The LP app gives you complete control over the apps and games you install. You can now delete Google or other ads, change app permissions, pass license verification, make free in-app purchases, special patches, and experiment with your apps and games. This requires a device with root rights to perform tasks such as moving applications to the SD card and converting applications to system applications. You can use it on rootless devices, but the only difference is that you need to reinstall the application after modifying it. So, here is a list of the main features of the Lucky Patcher app:

Manage permissions:

Some applications and games that we install on our smartphones request permission that the application does not require. We must not install applications that request or require unwanted permissions. But if you really need the app, you can delete the necessary suspicious permissions. This will help you protect your privacy and prevent applications from stealing your data, such as.

Remove Ads:

Currently, advertising is the most annoying thing we face when using apps or playing games. Some applications have good advertising behavior, but most developers are currently spamming, which is out of control. So, if you are also fed up with these annoying ads, this app will make you happy. You can easily delete Google and all other platform ads from your apps and games with the help of the main LP app.

Custom Patch:

You receive a special patch list for many apps and games like link2sd, cloned apps, Temple Run, subway, surfers, mini militias and more. This custom patch comes with unlocked features such as gems, coins, diamonds, upgrades, etc. You can use this patch to fix your app or game to unlock features at no cost. Note that not all applications support LP-specific patches because they are developed only for applications that can be solved largely offline.

Free in-app purchases:

The most important feature of this app is to make in-app purchases for free. This is also the most used resource and the main reason behind millions of downloads and installations of LP applications. You can buy premium items for free in your app or game with the help of this feature. Next time, you won’t have to spend money on most apps when making a purchase, because the lucky patcher can help you get it for free. This feature does not work for very secure applications and games, but you can still save money in many situations.

Cutting license License:

Sometimes we download applications and games from third-party websites, but we get license verification errors when running them or on the first startup. This happens whenever we install an app outside of the Google Play Store or when installing paid apps for free. In that case, you can use the LP app to fix the app to bypass the license check. Then, you can easily use all paid apps for free, without license verification errors.

Move app to SD card:

All applications that we install will be installed on the device’s internal storage by default. Sometimes, however, our devices run out of storage due to large cache data and applications. Now you can move apps from internal storage to the SD card easily with the help of the LP app. This will save your device’s internal storage and also improve performance. You can move applications to the SD card in the Manage applications option in the Applications section.

Convert application to system application:

If you want the application to be installed permanently on your Android smartphone, you can only convert that specific application into a system application. This will be moved to the root of your device and cannot be deleted from the drawer again. You can easily convert apps to system apps using the LP app. This process requires root access, otherwise, you will not be able to perform this operation.

How do you make a free in-app purchase at Lucky Patcher?

This is the most important part of this article. Yes, in-app purchases for free are now the most popular and used feature of this app. In this guide, you will learn how to make or hack a free in-app purchase in an Android app or game with the help of the Lucky Patcher app. First, create a modified apk file with a level game and application emulation where you want to make a free purchase. After completing the reinstallation of the application with the modified apk file you created and you are ready for your free purchase. Open your app or game and navigate to the store item: Touch the items you want to buy for free. When you tap the purchase button, it displays a purchase pop-up where you need to press yes, as in the screenshot provided below:

Lucky Patcher V8.6.5 Android App

What can you do with this application?

1. Remove ads.
2. Get gems, coins, tokens, and much more that you need to buy.
3. Free access to paid application features.
4. Convert applications to system applications and system applications to other applications.
5. Move application and game files to the SD card.
6. You can back up application files and recover data from saved locations and more !!

Remove ad:

When using this application, you can delete ads that annoy you when using any application or play your favorite game. Sometimes these ads make you so angry that you are not interested in playing or using the application. Headers and pop-up banner ads are more frustrating.
You can delete these ads by clicking a few buttons. This application offers freedom from ad clutter. Simply download the lucky patcher application on your Android and be free of ad jail.

Get coins and gems:

This application offers the opportunity to get unlimited coins, money, gems, characters and weapons that you must buy to use. No need to waste your valuable money on gluttonous game developers. In a few clicks, you will have the opportunity to get what you want!

Use paid applications:

You are interested in using several paid applications that require money to buy. No need to spend that money, just install the Lucky Patcher application on your Android device and you can use many paid applications for free! You will be able to access paid application features. This will save a lot of money! Buy coffee with that money, relax with a lucky patcher and make a few clicks to unlock paid features.

How to receive a free paid application:

Lucky Patcher will ignore the user’s Google billing page. That way, users will be able to buy paid applications for free. Our application developers have also launched a Play Store application that was modified to pass licensing checks for many Android applications and games.

Turn an application into a system application:

You have several favorite applications that you want to convert as system applications. Don’t worry, Lucky Patcher will give you the opportunity to convert non-system applications into system applications. This will provide a copy of this application in the system folder.

Move any application:

Some applications are installed on the phone storage, but you must move them to the SD card. In this case, many applications are not permitted to move it to the SD card. But lucky patcher will give you this feature to move it to your SD card. With just a few clicks, you can move it to the SD card.

Data backup and recovery:

You will be able to back up your important files and application data as external files. When you need to recover these files, you will get this feature to recover data with this application. You can easily back up and restore your data and files.

  • Back up the applications and games that you have installed.
  • You can also back up any application after patching.
  • This is an application that is easy to use. Applications indicate which applications have Google ads or which have special patches for modification.
  • Most features do not work without root. Therefore, we recommend that you root your smartphone or tablet before using the application.

How to use Lucky Patcher Apk App:

The following is a short tutorial on how to use the application. You can remove license checks, block ads, change application permissions, etc. with this tutorial.

Remove license check (automatic mode):

To remove a license check, the maximum stability of the application needs to be guaranteed for each small part of the model. Internet connection needs to make this process faster, if the process is of poor quality and slower, it can sometimes fail. Remove license check (automatic reverse mode): You can try the automatic reverse mode if the automatic mode process is not successful. There are some differences from automatic mode.

Remove license check (extreme mode):

Try using all the templates to exclude the license check. When a candidate in an offline application is unstable. Restarting the application disables which screen orientation can help.

Remove license check (manual mode):

Try to delete licenses with different methods, such as automatic, automatic reverse, extreme, if they do not function in manual mode. This will scan the application and, where the license verification object will be found, you can fix it yourself. First back up your application, select the “Patch” option and start using the “Start” button. First, make a backup using the button at the top of the screen. First, select the “fill in” object and then start by clicking the “Start” button. if you are still experiencing licensing verification issues. Just go back and click the “restore” option and switch to the second object. after you find the application and click “fix changes” you need to save it like “save as a special patch”. enjoy, but you need to know that when the application is being updated, these patches might not work.

Remove license check (default selected):

To remove the license check, select the model and apply it. Correction to delete Google Ads: if Lucky Patcher cannot find the application ad, but the application contains a silent application, select this option. You can exclude ads.

Disable ad activity:

With this option manually, you can disable activities for app ads and you can also activate some activities if an application stops functioning.
Patch support for InApp and LVL emulation: InApp emulation is supported by ads and can activate the toggle menu. Deactivate the component ‘deactivate pm’ method: this option allows you to delete all permissions, services and more. This process is not dangerous for Android and hence. If the service stops functioning, delete this permission by simply returning and allowing it again, it will start functioning again.

Change Permission (Unstable Method):

To try to delete permissions, the application must be more careful, because this is an unstable method, and is editing the package system.xml file. Sometimes, this method can create unintended consequences. You must back up your system before trying this.

Change Permissions and Activities (Safe Method):

  • In this method, you will work for a system application or for the patch “Disable.APK signature verification”, if applied to Android.
  • This will not change the app subscription.
  • This method will remove the permission by rebuilding the Application with the changes you want.
  • Change permissions and Rebuild activities and install.
  • This is almost the same as the safe method, the difference between a safe method is to delete the original subscription and assign a new subscription.
  • If you verify the signature, this method will not function correctly.
  • Create a modified APK – This creates a package for installing applications with patches that have been previously applied. You should know that, in this method, the corrected application might not work the same way as the previous application; to verify the code signature, this problem occurs there.
  • Remove ODEX with changes – to restore the original status of the application, delete with the option to delete ODX. cancel previous changes and statuses.
  • Delete selected saved purchases – Delete saved purchases using Google billing emulation.
  • Restore – restore the application from the APK file on / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / Backup /.
  • Back up – Back up the APK file to restore later. The APK file is stored in the / sdcard / LuckyPatcher / Backup / folder.
  • Patch on reboot – Now, this service is unnecessary, because in the new version it does with the ODEX application that doesn’t change at reboot.
  • When custom patches are changed, this option functions as the application’s “.so” library, which will explain patches.
  • Manual patcher – For debugging applications, this model is selected for files with this method.
  • ODEX this application – to make the ODEX file unchanged for any application.
  • Go to / system/app – if you want to change a normal application to a system application, select this option.
  • Share this application – You can share this application by making a backup.
  • Copy changes to cache-Dalvik – By default, all changes are in the ODEX file.
  • If the ODEX file doesn’t work for the application, do it by copying it to the Dalvik cache.
  • You need to reinstall the application to restore it.
  • Back up the APK file to reinstall – you can copy the apk file to the SD card with Lucky Patcher in the Data folder.
  • With Lucky Patcher, you can reinstall (restore) the application.
  • Delete Dalvik cache – Dalvik cache from any application will be deleted from the location that was saved when the ODEX file was created.
  • You need to reinstall the application when it doesn’t work with ODEX.

What’s new in the latest version?

  • New method to improve in-app purchases.
  • Optimization to provide applications with greater stability.
  • New link and translation update.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.0.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

How to install the Lucky Patcher Apk App?

  1. Open the Lucky Patcher installer.
  2. You will find the following dialog box “Do you really want to install Lucky Patcher v8.6.5?”. You need to click the “Yes” button.

Lucky Patcher Installer.
3. The installer will now prepare all the files and components needed to install the Original Lucky Patcher application on your device.

Prepare to install Lucky Patcher.
4. If you see this guide, you must allow the installation of unknown applications from that source. Click on “Settings” and activate “Allow from this source”.

Lucky Patcher installer settings.
Now go to “Settings” and click on the switch to activate from this source.

5. Now you can find the Install button. Just click on the install button and wait a few moments to finish.

The lucky patcher install button.
6. Congratulations !! You have installed the patcher application by luck.

Lucky Patcher application is installed.
7. Now open the Lucky Patcher application and click “OK” to uninstall the “LP Installer” application.


So this is an article about the Lucky Patcher application for the Android operating system! Now you can easily download and install it on your smartphone. You must have an application for Android users who try various applications and games because that will help you unlock premium free. You can now have full control over the applications and games that you install by removing advertisements, changing application permissions, and passing the license check. You can download the Lucky Patcher APK version at the download link provided in the above context. This is updated regularly and you can download new updates on this page too. If you like this article and the application itself, share it with your friends. If you still have questions or problems, you can comment on the comments section below for free!

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