Quick Heal Total Security Crack 2020 + License Key Full Torrent

Quick Heal Total Security Crack 2020 + License Key Full Torrent Free Download

An easy and secure way to protect your confidential data in a password-protected vault. Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Crack blocks unauthorized access by hackers and makes it impossible to view, modify, or delete this personal vault without the correct password.

The program had a 100% lock rate because it was able to fix everything. This is very impressive. Quick Heal Total Security Product Key is easy to set up and operate. When you open the program you will like a large banner to let you know if the system is safe or if there are any issues you should attend. From there you can scan, change settings, and enable and disable various protection features.

Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Crack + Keygen Full Torrent

Quick Heal Total Security Crack 2020 + License Key Full Working:

Quick Heal Total Security Keygen products available for evaluation. Some products come with Heal’s comprehensive virus scanner is enhanced to be able to detect any threats to your device while overusing your resources or slowing down your computer. Speed. The program also keeps you safe by preventing harmful websites from being visited and blocking emails that may infect infected attachments. For best protection, security experts agree that antivirus software is not enough. So Quick Heal Total Security also contains fireworks. This feature blocks out external threats that may arise in the networks you use and prevents them from ever reaching your computer.

Full security for fast recovery includes several measures to keep your personal information secure. Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Cracked uses sophisticated technology to keep track of your banking transactions and prevents programs called keyloggers from recording what you criticize when filling out an online form. With so many different security features, Quick Heal Total Security promises to protect your computer to represent virtually any threat. To what extent is this a promise? One recent study has shown that it does. AV-Comparatives recently ran the Quick Heal Total Security exam, which poses 186 different threats.

Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Keygen Full Version Torrent:

As for additional features, Quick Heal Total Security Keygen is one of the most impressive antivirus programs. The list of top-quality security features is extremely long and includes a fireplace, bank protection, anti-key programs, and a browser sandbox. The program also includes a unique feature called PC2Mobile Scan that lets you scan for viruses on your mobile device by turning on your computer. This means you can use Quick Heal for your computer, just like any other mobile device in your home. As a bonus, Quick Heal Total Security even offers a computer tuner to keep your computer running at maximum efficiency.

Their price is a bit high, but given the excellent protection and great features, it’s not hard to argue that the software doesn’t offer much value. If you’re still not sure, Quick Heal Total Security License Key offers a 30-day free trial. Quick Heal Total Security 64-bit protects your laptops and computers and provides protection against all types of Internet and network-based threats. Once installed, it acts as a shield against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and other harmful threats. It also provides security against new and unknown threats with the well-known DNAScan technology from Quick Heal.

Quick Heal Total Security Crack + Product Key for 32/64 Bit Download:

Its enhanced anti-phishing function ensures that web browsing does not allow phishing sites. The Parental Control feature allows you to assign Internet access to your children, and its pre-configured limited navigation provides adult sites for children. The PCTuner tool improves the overall performance of your system and scans, detects and eliminates the PC2Mobile Scan function of malware on your mobile phones.

Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Key uses minimal system resources, completely protecting your system from its slowdown. Insurance for online banking, fluid Internet browsing and robust security for your PC. Secure Banking protects your financial data while conducting banking operations and online purchases. Parental Control allows you to manage and control your children’s Internet and computer access. Enhanced malware protection blocks spyware, adware, keyloggers and other types of malware. Quick Heal Total Security 64-bit is the best security software for your Windows PC.

Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Crack with Product Key Full Torrent

Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Features:

Total Ransomware Protection:

The complete Ransomware Protection feature provides complete protection against critical redemption of your important data. It detects and blocks ransomware attacks in real time, supported by behavior detection technology, to detect new and unknown redemption.

Safe banking:

Protects your online banking from fraudulent websites and malicious software that steals financial information. It provides a secure desktop session where your financial transactions on banking portals, merchants and other e-commerce websites are kept private and hidden from hackers.

Webcam protection:

This feature protects your privacy and prevents extortion attempts. It blocks the access of spy agents and apps to your webcam, while also allowing you to manage applications that can access the webcam.

Web security:

Automatically detects unsafe and potentially dangerous websites and prevents them from visiting

Malware protection:

It has now improved protection against existing malware and offers more protection to your computer from spyware, adware, keyloggers, riskware and other malware.

Browser Sandbox:

Maintains your Internet browsers in a secure, virtual environment that acts as a shield between your PC’s operating system and malicious downloads. If any malicious file is downloaded in this environment, it will be isolated and blocked from accessing your real computer.

Email protection:

Effectively blocks email that may have infected attachments or links to compromised or fake and phishing websites.


Effectively prevents programs called keyloggers from recording on your keyboard while doing internet banking or shopping or just browsing the internet.


The firewall blocks external threats that attempt to reach your computer over the Internet. It also blocks the threats that may arise in networks that are connected to your system. In addition to allowing you to configure inbound and outbound Internet traffic, our enhanced Firewall allows you to set up a Firewall profile for network connections such as “home”, “work”, “community” or “restricted”. Stealth Mode is an added benefit. It hides your computer from hackers worthy eyes.

Parental control:

The parental control feature is now enhanced with configuration. This allows parents to set up the following options:

Internet Browsing Control – Restrict children from visiting unwanted websites.

Application Control – Restrict children from accessing programs such as game programs, messaging tools, media players, etc.

Computer Access Control – Make a schedule that allows children to access the computer on specific days and times.

Virtual keyboard:

Attackers can steal your confidential information by installing spyware or keyloggers on your device. This is a data theft program that records what type of typing on your keyboard and sends the information to the attacker. This can be avoided by using a virtual key. Any information typed on this keyboard is encrypted and no malicious software can be recorded or allowed.

Remote Healing Remote Device Management (RDM):

This is a free version where you can add your own quick remedies, view its current status and report any major situations such as malware. You can update your signature via mobile. Visit Quick Heal RDM

Protection of privacy:

Safely deletes sensitive data to prevent it from being recovered by any recovery tool. This will ensure complete security and confidentiality of your valuable data.


Speed ​​up your PC and increase its performance for resource-intensive tasks with PCTuner, a handy computer optimization tool.

Import and Export Options:

You can export Quick Heal security settings from one computer and import to another. This is useful in cases where the configuration of a repeated and multiple computers is concerned.

Flash Drive Protection:

Protect from infected USB drive. This feature automatically scans external drives the moment they connect to your computer. It also blocks autorun infections

PC2Mobile Scan:

You can scan and clean your mobile device from your PC. Connect your computer to your computer, search for it and clean up the detected malware infections. PC2Mobile Scan supports Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian devices.

Secure mode protection:

This facility stops unauthorized users from changing Quick Heal security settings when the system is running in safe mode


Sign up for our free TrackMyLaptop service and keep track of if your laptop is lost or stolen. The service comes with all Quick Heal desktop products at no extra cost.

No sound mode:

Prevents requests and alerts for continuous use of Quick Heal PCs. This will not affect the security level of your system.

Basic protection:

Provides complete security for your PC by scanning the deep system. A combination of features like AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware, Anti-Rootkit, Firewall and IDS / IPS work together to give you the best antivirus protection.

Automatic backup:

Total Ransomware Protection Utilities.

Advanced DNAScan:

Fast Heal DNAScan technology detects and blocks unknown threats. It uses a combination of behavioral and characteristic checks and monitoring of unwanted programs.

Vulnerability Scan:

Operating system (OS) settings and other applications on your system may have security vulnerabilities or vulnerabilities. Immediately removing these vulnerabilities should allow hackers to steal your computer and your data. A vulnerability scan will help you detect such vulnerabilities. The feature will also help you fix any weaknesses that may be in the OS settings.

Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Product Key:






Quick Heal Total Security Serial Key:



Quick Heal Total Security License Key:



Quick Heal Total Security Activation Key:



System Requirements:

  • Processor: Minimum 1.2 GHz processor will be required to run it smoothly
  • RAM: 1GB RAM should be installed for 32-bit windows & 2 GB RAM required to run this
  • software for 64-bit windows
  • Hard disk space: Maximum 1 GB Hard disk space to be needed to install this software on your computer
  • Operating system: it is supported by both 32 & 64 bit operating systems.

How To Install Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Crack?

  1. Download the .exe file in the following link or download it orally from the website
  2. Open the folder where you found the configuration file and run it by double clicking or
  3. Click the Next button until the installation is complete.
  4. Copy the downloaded keyboards and paste them into the registration box
  5. Now press the Activate button
  6. Finally, you have done your best and enjoy life.

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